Hi! My name is Marcie and I am the Founder and President of Glow-Tec, Inc.

When I was about 10 years old my dad, who is a brilliant inventor, created Glow Dough. My family, friends and I used to play with it for hours. I even found in my journal that I sold my first one at school in 1978!

In 1991, my brother and I decided to bring back this childhood favorite after reminiscing about how much fun we had. We weren’t about to deny our own children the opportunity to play with a product as we had as kids. So we started selling Glow Dough to specialty toy stores in hopes to bring smiles to children and keep them entertained, drawing out their creative nature, instead of sitting in front of the TV. I have learned that PLAY is one of the most important things we do- for all ages! Scientists have proven that PLAY boosts our brain power.

“All Kids Are My Priority”

Our company is a small business and I wanted to keep it like this because I have 9 children of my own and they have always been my priority. I have made my circle larger and all kids are my priority. I want to provide a fun, safe toy that lets them use their hands and imagination.

Throughout the years our company has donated to many functions that have children’s interest in mind. Such as children’s hospitals, schools for the deaf and blind and special needs groups.

One of my favorite things is going to my own children’s school classes and teaching them about science and letting them make their own Glow Dough to take home. It’s fun to see kids learning while having fun.

Today, Jeff and I have fun every day at work and believe we have the best job in the world- making people laugh and smile!

Hey– GO PLAY! It will boost your brain power!

GLow Tec’s Glow Dough has been used in many different markets:

It has been used as a costume make-up or body art (GloTex). It has been used for Slime Wrestling- wow, don’t try that at home! It has been used in the medical field for physical therapy. Glow dough makes a great fire retardant and the military has studied it for its many different uses. We are coming up with many new ways to use it every day!

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