Why Should Children Play?

Why Should Children Play?

Play is the absolute best thing for every child’s brain

Playing is one of the basic foundations of childhood. Children learn and grow up through playing and exploring their creative instincts. It’s a boost for the young brains that have just begun to know the world and develop skills. The more they play, the more they learn and evolve as unique and creative individuals.

Rainbow Glow Dough In Kid's Hand

Why should children play?

Playing is important to a child’s development. It’s a vital part of their growing years and helps them to learn new things about the world around them.

As a parent, you cannot directly provide lessons and instructions to children when they are too young. Instead, let it happen organically as they grow each day through playing and discovering new ideas, new concepts, and knowledge. The brain develops when you allow children to explore their creative instincts freely.

Playing develops emotions, imagination, and social skills in children. It also enhances their creativity, improving their skills in problem-solving and developing their personality. Playing helps them to identify shapes, colors, names, objects and things around them. It also teaches them organization, sequence, order and sharpens their thinking and analyzing abilities.

It is vital for children’s psychological and intellectual development. They learn to think and understand concepts by playing with tangible objects. Discovering cause and effect while playing and exploring fosters their growth, development, and intellect. For instance, they learn while playing with colors like those found in our products; Glow Dough Rainbow, Mood Mudd, Solar Dough, and Butter Dough, that mixing blue and yellow forms green, while blue and pink mix into purple. Play is the absolute best thing for every child’s brain!

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