Our Fluffy Slime- Butter Dough

Our Fluffy Slime- Butter Dough

Our Fluffy Slime- BUTTER DOUGH

Our fluffy slime- now called Butter Dough has been on the market for 10 years. It is my favorite product because it is light and fun!

One really cool thing about BUTTER DOUGH is you can create something, leave it out to dry, and later on, you can put it back into the container or baggie, add water and it will go back to fluffy slime again in about 24 hours. You can mix it and make that time go faster if you want.

Butter Dough is moody. Yes, temperature changes the color. Amazing and cool- just like the old Mood Rings. You can also speed up the change by putting some of it in the freezer or refrigerator or the microwave.

This is also my favorite product because the idea came to me in a dream. I saw exactly how to make it (my brother and dad are the chemists- not me!) And it worked! I should have named it Dream Dough! We had a 7-year-old name our product- She said it was smooth as butter and I agree! What would you name this product?

FUN FUN FUN all in a 4 oz container! Of course, it is safe like all of our products and tested annually. (Most companies only test every 5-10 years.)

Send us at Glow Tec pics of what you have done with your Butter Dough!

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